'Let your creativity flow'

'Welcome to YourOwnManga'
Here you all can publish your own mangas, you can show to everybody your awesome creations, is your chance, C'mon! Anyone can edit. 7 articles since (March) (2012)

The Web is under development, you can help to make it better!


¿How to create a manga?


Far's Legend

¿How to start?

  • If you wanna create your manga just go to the down box: "Create Article".
  • To edit your article or other person's article, go to right-side up where says "Search this wiki" and put the article's name to edit.
  • I f you wanna see the last added contents, go to botton "Wiki" and click to "Wiki activity", or join here: Special:WikiActivity.

• Don't trolls allowed(just me) all the articles will be protect.

Publish your story, What do you expect?

To start an article put the title in the down box.

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